Friday, July 5, 2013

Why Camping Stoves

Beautiful days ahead, spring break, summer, or fall and the outdoors calls. We plan our food and get our gear, and then remember that there is a restriction on open fires. We call the camp or park and yes there is a restriction. Even their site grills are not allowed. So now we must also plan our fire. Even a contained fire, such as a grill, hibachi or barbecue is not allowed. So now what kind of camping stove do you need?

To look at the purpose of the camping stove, requires thinking of how we will use it. There is a camping stove for every purpose; a stove for one person or a group, and a stove for every type of activity, from backyard camping to climbing Mt Everest. Thus we just have to know what we are going to do.

Say we are taking the family on an outing to the state park. We will be cooking at least three meals and will require more than one burner. So now we go on line or go to the store. We will look for two burner stoves. Again there are choices. What type of fuel and how powerful a flame. There are 5000 BTU burners and 30,000 BTU Burners. Say we look in between. There are many 10,000 BTU stoves that use multi fuel or butane. The ones that use butane are cheaper. They do not come with the fuel. The multi fuel has a tank and a pump to provide pressure to force the fuel to the burner. A simple fuel system may use the gas supplied by the company that makes the stove. It will not cost as much, and is not difficult to operate.

For this outing we decide to buy a butane stove, because it is easy to operate and fairly easy to clean. It appears to be safe and does not affect the environment, and is authorized by the park or camp. Finally we are in business and back to planning the outing.

With each type of stove we seek the purpose of the outing and then plan the fire. In an extreme outing at high altitude we sill seek a camping stove that works at high altitude or in very wet cold weather. We buy the stove we need. A little planning here will allow the purchase of a system that will work in all types of conditions, is light, and the fuel it uses is also light and easy to carry and may even include light weight cooking gear like a sauce and fry pans.

Though this is not a complete study, it shows why we need a camp stove and also allows a look at the many different types that can be used. In each category of stoves there are many kinds and versions. But usually your camp stove is just a Google away. Even if you do not buy on line, you can easily choose the type you need and even read about its use. Knowing what you will do, and having a purpose is the key to safe and enjoyable camping experience.

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